Closer and closer! With each gig so far this year we seem to be getting closer to home and make it easer for you to come and see us in action.


Next Sunday 30th June, we're just chuffed to be playing at Party in the Park. Which park? Pitshanger of course. Once home to our very own drummer Dan. Keep an eye out, there will probably be a blue plaque on his old house in Barnfield Road one day!


These photos are indeed hard to come by, as Dan is often hidden away behind the rest of the band. In fact we would like to open up a challenge to those of you that are able to join us in the Park. We offer a free signed copy of our very first album, Welsh Jam, to the person that is able to take the most photos of Dan in action on the day! #drummerdan


As an added bonus we'll be playing in the Beer Tent, so not only do you get a chance to hear some great music but also drink beer! Bliss! There's loads of other bands playing both on the Main stage and in the Beer Tent so it should be a great day for y'all.


Almost forgot - we're on stage at 4pm but the whole Party kicks off at 1 and runs right through till 9pm!

Keep on rocking!