This event helped organisations and individuals understand the importance of participation and important it is for disabled children and young people is central to provide those with those with Special Educational Needs consistent, improved help that is simpler to access.

On the 12th of February, Ealing Mencap took 3 young people to this event.  It was an early start, meeting at Northolt Station at 7.15.

Once we arrived, the young people were able to attend 2 workshops out of a choice of 5.  The workshops that the young people chose were:

  • Knowledge is Power, so know your Rights! Getting your voice heard isn’t just a good idea, it is your right!  Learn about why it is so important and the steps that you can take to get better at making decisions for yourself and to make the most of your rights.

  • Participation – new ways to get involved and the skills you can learn.It was about get your voice heard. Find out how other children and young people are getting involved and how they are using their new skills and experiences to get ahead.

During the workshops, the young people had group discussions with other young people, they also met other young people that took part in participation events in their own area.

The conference ended at 4pm we then made our way home. Our young people enjoyed the conference and said it helped them to understand more about participation as this was something new to them.